Nuclear Edge (Exclusive Attendance)

two day course which will provide attendees with a professional advantage to begin their journey in the nuclear sector.


Arrange an exclusive and bespoke course for your team undertaken at any NTS location or your own premises. Based on the comprehensive Nuclear Edge programme, NTS will create a unique offering for your delegates to match your strategic business objectives.

two day course which will provide attendees with a professional advantage to begin their journey in the nuclear sector.​ This intensive course has been designed by experienced nuclear professionals for professionals and is delivered in-person by seasoned nuclear experts.​ Your delegates will gain practical, actionable insights and guidance derived from years of industry experience while some myths about nuclear will be busted. The course content is revised regularly to remain up to date and reflect emerging technology and projects in the UK nuclear sector.

Attendees will have access to a wide range of contacts from the community of Nuclear Edge delegates to enable rapid development of a professional network.

Course Modules:

Nuclear Science and the Fuel Cycle – Learn about the background to nuclear technology, examine how nuclear energy is used and understand the fuel cycle

Nuclear, Civil Society and Communication – The role of civil society in nuclear governance and effective communication strategies for engaging with stakeholders.

Nuclear Organisations and Culture​ – Gain an understanding of the unique organisational structures and cultural challenges that exist in the nuclear industry

Historical and Current Context – An overview of the history of nuclear technology and its current applications covering key events and milestones in the development of nuclear energy, as well as the current state of nuclear power and its role in the energy sector.

International Obligations and UK Regulatory Regime – Understand how multi-national and global nuclear treaties, agreements and protocols affect UK nuclear legislation, and how that legislation is regulated.

Safety, Security and Safeguards – The key issues relating to protecting people and the environment from nuclear material , ensuring the safety of nuclear installations, and preventing misuse of material and technology.

Target Audience:

  • Senior people of any background moving into the sector.​​
  • Experts wishing to export their valuable experience into the high growth/high potential nuclear sector.
  • Senior leaders of companies wishing to join the supply chain who understand competitive benefits of being in an  intelligent customer/supplier relationship.
  • Individuals from other sectors able to close skills gaps in nuclear. ​​

​Course Format:

  • Two day intensive
  • Interactive and discussion-based
  • Relaxed collegiate atmosphere
  • Keynote from industry thought-leader


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